CBD and YOGA: A PERFECT combination

CBD and YOGA: A PERFECT combination

Some time ago, in the streets of Barcelona, ​​the same city where Ancient Therapy's main venue, I walked across the street. I walked out the door of a cannabis club where they were having a morning yoga session. I was surprised, so I went inside. let's see what it was about. Would they be linking the magic plant with this activity?

The answer surprised me. Yes, but not with the consumption of cannabis, but with the consumption of CBD Oil prior to the session. CBD and yoga for the members of that club every Wednesday morning. The girl who was budtender at the time commented: “The truth is, it is the activity of the week where more people come. People love it”.

I must confess that I was surprised. in a big way and I stayed until the end of class to talk to the teacher. We had a nice talk about the benefits of the oil before (and after) physical activity, so I went back to work. the following week and discovered which is wonderful.

Like that couple of friends who are beautiful people individually, but who together enhance each other even more, CBD Oil and yoga also govern this beautiful rule.

CBD and yoga

Yoga is a very old practice, its beginnings are not known exactly because it is perhaps from times when everything was transmitted by word of mouth. Experts agree that its existence dates back to at least 10,000 to 5,000 years before Christ in India.

The word “yoga” would come from the word “jug”, which means “join, connect, relate” in Sanskrit, the classical language of India. Therefore, the goal of yoga is to generate and strengthen the connection between the human being and the universe. Through postures, correct movements and adequate breathing, it is possible to be in perfect harmony, both physically and spiritually.

The practice of it requires habituation and improvement, like any exercise discipline. In this case, the body is exposed to tensions, stretching and movements that we are not used to until we start doing yoga.

There, fluidity, breathing and repetition allow us to enter into that connection with ourselves and what surrounds us. The realization of this practice and the benefits of CBD in our body also share points and it is believed that they could be a very healthy set.

Despite the clarification that we always make about the current status of CBD studies and that it is still early to assure many things, one of the important points he is in which research is that stretching activates endocannabinoid receptors of the muscles.

In other words, the practice of yoga could increase the benefits of consuming CBD Oil and, in turn, do even more. It's pleasurable or satisfying to exercise.

As we said previously, many of the benefits of yoga are related to the benefits of CBD Oil:

  • Anxiety and depression relief
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Deeper and better quality sleep
  • Improved concentration and increased attention
  • Fast muscle recovery
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Mood Boost

Use of CBD to practice yoga

The truth is that it can be used both before and after practice. Due to the revealed studies, its previous consumption is recommended to increase the reception of cannabinoids.

The consumption of it, in this case, we recommend that it be sublingual in oil. However, it goes without saying that its different forms of consumption can be very useful. Including edibles, as long as we make sure to do the practice at least an hour after having consumed edible.

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