Friends and CBD: Let's toast!

Friends and CBD: Let's toast!

A week ago we celebrated International Friendship Day and, due to the importance of friends in everyone's lives, we decided to talk about it. How can CBD help us have greater peace and relaxation in our relationships? Can it have any correlation? Are we best friends when we take CBD?

As we all know by now, cannabidiol has various benefits for the body and mind. All of them continue to be studied day by day by researchers around the world. The progress of alternative cannabis medicine is not surprising and, therefore, all these questions begin to appear about how and what it could help us with.

One ​​of the biggest questions about CBD is whether it can help us reduce stress, thus help us relax and control anxiety. Three aspects connected to each other and keys when establishing healthy relationships.

Whether it's a friend, a partner, a family member or a co-worker, relationships between people are a world and hence the need to want to simplify everything a little. Don't worry too much, or think too much. That's where our beloved CBD plays a nice role.

What is friendship?

According to our old friend Wikipedia: “Friendship (from the Latin amicĭtas, for amicitĭa, from amicus, friend) is a relationship relationship between two or more people. It is one of the most common interpersonal relationships that most people have in life. Friendship is present in different stages of life and in different degrees of importance and transcendence”.

And he adds: “There can be friendly relationships where a person and another type of personality or in an animal form intervene. For example, some people classify their relationship with a dog as friendship, not in vain is the latter known as "man's best friend". Friendship can also occur even between two or more animals of different species, including unusual friendships between prey and predator.”

To conclude by saying: “It is important to note that a true friendship is based mainly not only on the affectivity and empathy that exists between two or more people, but mainly on the mutual respect that exists and allows the development of the necessary trust”.

CBD and relationships

We've talked about CBD and relationships. We have also done it with CBD and sexual encounters. Now we have CBD and friendships, which is very much connected to the above. Well, to the first since in the end friend comes from love.
These are the benefits of CBD that, in turn, give us a better predisposition in interpersonal relationships. In other words, they give us a grain of sand to our body and mind to be better with others:

  • Relaxation: Relaxation occurs naturally when endocannabinoid receptors respond to CBD, in the same way way that they do with the compounds of this type that our own body generates. These particular receptors control serotonin levels in the body, which in turn affects stress, mood, and energy levels. Keeping serotonin levels stable is a key aspect of maintaining a healthy mindset.
  • Stress: In the same way mentioned above, when hyperactivity levels are decreased, we helps to fall asleep, relieves muscle tension, due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties it reduces headaches, etc., it gives us a hand to reduce physical and mental stress.

10 phrases about friendship

  1. "Truly, there is nothing in the world more noble and rare than a true friendship", Oscar WIlde.

  2. "I need someone, who comes to fight by my side without being called", Charles Chaplin.

  3. "Do not have a friend who praises you", Saint John Bosco.

  4. "A friend is someone who gives you the freedom to be yourself", Jim Morrison.

  5. "Sometimes in life you find a special friendship: that someone who changes it completely when they enter your life", Pablo Neruda. p>

  6. "You will never know who your friends are until you fall from grace", Napoleon.

  7. “Joy shared makes a friend”, Friedrich Nietzsche.

  8. “Friendship is a soul that dwells in two bodies, a heart that dwells in two souls”, Aristotle.

  9. “All my heritage is my friends”, Emily Dickinson.

  10. Actually, the only time in life when I feel like myself is when I'm with my friends. Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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